In episode 10 part 2 shortly after the forbidden power posesses Alpha you can see flashing images these show a young Zetto and with a normal arm instead of an robotic one. Anyways my theory is that the Forbidden power Attacked Zetto at some point somehow causing his character to lose one of his arms while in real life(Im starting to follow TTA a bit here)his arm STILL hurts.Where i get his from you ask? In TTA Zetto and the netkings battled the Forbidden power(Or Kagemamoru whichever you prefer,also as for as i known you cant SEE the battle end of brackets now) and Zetto's character lost an arm while in real life he still felt the pain...You may now discuss this for i am...EEEXXPLODINGMARIO15 PLUMBER MASTER OF STARTING A DISCUSSION!(for info about the pain(stuff)mechanism go to the forbidden power page)