The Backer Characters are characters created by real-life backers for the Terrain of Magical Expertise Video Game Kickstarter. Much like the series' background characters, these characters were fan submitted and are animated by series creator Chris Niosi and are not only shown in the background of the game, but depending on the tier, will also serve as opponents in the game and will be able to interact with the Dandy Alliance.

Backer characters are given to players who donate to the $30, $50, $60, $90, $200, $350 and $500 tiers. $90 are the only non-opponent backer characters with speaking lines. Since backers are unable to voice their characters, actors will be provided based on the characters' attributes. Designs and backers' input are taken to consideration, with a sleight exception to the $500 tiers, so as long as it works with the game's hardware and software limitations. The designs will also be "TOMEified" to fit the show's design style with some modifications for the game's limitations and to avoid any copyright issues.

Since only becoming an overworld NPC is the perk, the $30-60 tiers will remain nameless. While $90 backers are only given a speaking line with an NPC, their names have been confirmed on the TOME Check-In Stream on August 7, 2018.