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Kirbopher is one of the five main characters in TOME, of the Swordsman class with an Enchanted Sword. His character is based on that of the series creator, who shares the same username. Many people mispronounce his name, whether it be a joke or misunderstanding.

Despite their hardships in recent episodes, Alpha seems to be his closest friend in the game, although he appears to have a rivalry with Flamegirl due to this. He seems to be aware that Alpha and Flamegirl have feelings for each other.



  • Alpha: Kirbopher and Alpha are good friends, and seem to have known each other for quite a while. Recently however, they have become rather distant from each other, after Alpha unintentionally hurting him with the Forbidden Power, and the pair having an argument.
  • Nylocke: Nylocke seems to be one of Kirbopher's closer friends. The two are often seen together, and Nylocke is the one who most often mispronounces his name. When Kirbopher was feeling upset in Dragon Drama, Nylocke was unsure how to console him, having had similar experiences himself, and felt guilt over this, even breaking character for a while.
  • Flamegirl: Kirbopher seems to be close friends with Flamegirl, but due to both being close to Alpha, they appear to have a rivalry for his friendship, they often get into fights and arguments with eachother and seem to disagree a lot about things.
  • Gamecrazed: Due do his quiet nature, Gamecrazed has not had much interaction with Kirbopher. In Mansion Midnight, Kirbopher and Nylocke attempt to tail Gamecrazed in order to learn more about him. This attempt is foiled however, when Splat attacks the mansion. Gamecrazed was also the first person Kirbopher talked to after his fallout with Alpha and Flamegirl, and it is hinted that Gamecrazed may be privy to Kirbopher's secret.


  • Kirbopher is voiced by the series creator, Chris Niosi. 
  • His design seems to be loosely inspired by Link from The Legend of Zelda.

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