Human (male)
Feather Dagger
Graceful Raid
Camouflage Layer
First appeared in
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Voice Actor
Lucien Dodge
"A master of disguise, for one thing. Not to mention, a staaaar voice performer." - Ravenfreak, about himself

Ravenfreak is a hacker with sadomasochistic tendencies who works for in a single episode of TOME. He is an illusionist who can transform into a bird and disguise himself as any player he wishes. He is also very good at imitating the copied player's voice. Ravenfreak was given the anti-virus and instructed to attach it to Flamegirl, which he did successfully.

Attacks and MovesEdit

  • Feather Dagger: Sharp projectiles that can be tosses in waves of three.
  • Graceful Raid: A swooping-charge attack performed by the user in mid-air with swift accuracy.
  • Camouflage Layer: A defensive technique in which the user disguises themselves in a thick layer of camouflage in order to repel one attack.
  • Triplicate: The user creates two temporary copies of themselves to launch multiple attacks at once.


  • Ravenfreak's lines when calling to Flamegirl while disguised as Alpha were actually performed by Lucien Dodge, voice-matching for Blake Swift. Blake Swift wasn't aware of this and asked Chris Niosi during a recording session after viewing the scene if he had recorded the lines himself.

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