Tome saturndiva by kirbopher15-d4taghv
Human (Female)
Double Blades
Twin Boomerang
Cross Cut
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Sarah Williams
"Ahhh, I don't think so...I think he's coming down here for Flames, not us. We oughtta leave the valentines alone, don'cha think?" - Saturndiva

Saturndiva is a minor character in TOME, of the fighter class with the power of double blades. She is good friends with both Whyti and Flamegirl.



Saturndiva is very confident and a bit tomboyish. She and Whyti are often seen by each others side, occasionally hanging out with Flamegirl as well.


  • Flamegirl: She, Saturndiva and Whyti are close friends, and often hang out within the confines of Mechcity.
  • Whyti: She, Saturndiva and Flamegirl are close friends, and often hang out within the confines of Mechcity. Saturndiva also battled alongside Whyti in the Genimi Tournament, facing two unnamed players in the first round, one of which was immediately taken out by his partner. They were defeated in the next round by Alpha and Flamegirl.


  • Saturndiva lives in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Saturndiva is one of Christopher Niosi's favorite characters among the supporting cast.
  • During the Kickstarter trailer for the TOME RPG, a silhouette resembling Saturndiva is shown, implying that she may be featured as an opponent in the game.