Tome skeight s2 by kirbopher15-d8asapj
Robot (Male)
Rocket Burn
Air Raid
First appeared in
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Voice Actor
Edward Bosco
"Wha's good in the HOOOOOOOOOOOD, chief?" - Skeight, to Rockoon

Skeight is the alternate account created by Doubling in order to join Rockoon in TOME. Acting as a crazed fanboy, Skeight was an attempt by Doubling to informally apologize to Rockoon without having to show his face. Rockoon only accepted him as a partner because he couldn't find another one for the Gemini Tournament. He disposes of Skeight as soon as possible, using a "super move" to throw Skeight out of the arena. However, Skeight continues to follow him until Rockoon finally snaps and tells him to leave and that he never cared about him. Skeight reluctantly leaves, but not before revealing his true identity to Rockoon by calling him a "motherscratcher." Whether or not he will return to TOME is unknown.

Skeight speaks in a dialect imitation of Rockoon, attempting to get on his good side. Although he is an alternate account for Doubling, whether or not this account is hacked is unknown.

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